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Year of creation: 2023
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Voyage Astral 432 hertz is a musical project that explores the dimensions of rest and relaxation through meditation and astral projection. This music, tuned to the frequency of 432 hertz, aims to induce a state of deep calm and facilitate decoration to higher states of consciousness.

Imagine yourself lying comfortably with your eyes closed, while the enveloping sounds of 3oaksmusic transport you to celestial spheres. The gentle vibrations of their compositions penetrate your being, facilitating your astral journey to unexplored inner horizons. The harmonious frequencies of 432 hertz act as gateways to states of deep meditation, allowing you to relax and travel fully.

Voyage Astral 432 HERTZ: mp3, relaxing body exit

Thanks to their creations, you can experience the delicious sensation of decorporation, where your consciousness dissociates from your physical body to explore unsuspected dimensions. The subtle and soothing sounds of 3oaksmusic act as guides, leading you on an inner journey where the boundaries of space and time blur.

The compositions are available in mp3 format, allowing you to take them with you wherever you go. Whether in the comfort of your own home, during an outdoor meditation session, or even while on the go, the music of 3oaksmusic is an ideal companion for your spiritual practice.

Astral projection: mp3, music for astral travel, decorporation

Each body outing with 3oaksmusic is a unique and personal experience. The soundscapes they create evoke images and sensations that are unique to each individual. Whether you want to unwind after a busy day, immerse yourself in deep meditation, or explore the intricacies of your inner self, their music will accompany you on your journey.

Thus, immerse yourself in the harmonious vibrations of 3oaksmusic, let yourself be carried away by the astral journey they offer, and discover the multiple benefits of meditation, relaxation and deep relaxation.

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For the purchase of the mp3 at 0.99€ you get two versions (12 and 60 min.).


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