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Year of creation: 2023
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Lenght : 8’12 (original version) and 30min. (long version)

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Hygge, a Danish concept, embodies well-being and happiness through a warm and soothing atmosphere. Associated with this feeling of comfort, music plays an essential role in creating a cocoon and a well-being atmosphere. Hygge 432 Hertz further amplifies the benefits of this sensory experience. This gentle frequency can induce a state of deep relaxation, promote meditation, and even improve sleep

Whether used to accompany a cozy evening with friends or to create a personal sanctuary of calm, this music plays a crucial role in the pursuit of well-being by elevating our state of mind and adding a harmonious touch to our lives .

HYGGE 432 HERTZ: Compositions, well-being and relaxation

3OAKSMUSIC your specialist in well-being music, mp3 selects the best frequencies for your comfort and development of hygge 432 hertz. The experience ensures you let go and relax for quality 432 hertz hygge. We work with the best composers and creators to guarantee you a moment of deep and peaceful relaxation on all our 432 hertz hygge titles: cocoon, music, gentle meditation, etc.

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Our team is enriched by your experiences, advanced knowledge of your development and our music (Relaxation, hygge music, inner journey). To optimize these exchanges which benefit everyone in Well-being Music, mp3, we plan to launch with you a forum specialized in Hygge 432 hertz in order to concentrate the best processes and extract synthetic articles within a blog. We could all quickly benefit from online support from experts in Hygge 432 hertz. This blog in Hygge 432 hertz will evolve as experience is gathered.

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Our store offers a vast selection of the best music: Cocoon, music, gentle meditation. So your Hygge 432 hertz relaxation will be better made and more durable. 3OAKSMUSIC poses as a true expert in well-being music, mp3 and accompanies you throughout your meditation by increasing your frequencies and vibrations. You are invited to contact our customer service for any questions relating to your Well-being Music, mp3 project.


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