in Utero 174 hertz | Relieves contractions and soothes the baby


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Year of creation: 2023
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Lenght : 12’09 (original version) and 1h09 (long version)

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In Utero at 174 hertz is specially designed to relieve the contractions of pregnant women and soothe the baby in the mother’s womb. Created with meticulous attention to the needs of the mother-to-be and her unborn child, this type of musical composition has become a valuable ally for midwives, knowing that it helps reduce anxiety and tension, thus promoting a more peaceful birth.
The delicate sounds and benevolent vibrations of this composition have been carefully studied to synchronize the mother’s breath with that of her child, thus promoting a deep connection between the two.
The soothing tones at 174 hertz create an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility, allowing the mother to alleviate painful contractions. The music acts as a gentle lullaby for the baby inside the womb, enveloping him in calm and tenderness.

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