Shaman 432hz | Connect to the power of your sacred feminine


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Year of creation: 2023
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3oaksmusic’s relaxation music is a true ode to the sacred feminine. Through her captivating melodies, she transports us on an inner journey where the shaman woman guides our soul towards harmony.

This tribute to the sacred feminine calibrated at the frequency of 432 hertz, soothes the mind and body, guided by the shaman woman. This spiritual experience allows you to develop your sacred feminine, to open up to your deep energies. 3oaksmusic’s enchanting compositions awaken your sacred feminine essence, restoring inner harmony. Immerse yourself in this emotional connection, and discover how music becomes a powerful catalyst to develop and celebrate the sacred feminine in each of you.

Sacred Feminine 432 HERTZ: mp3, shaman woman

3OAKSMUSIC your specialist in shaman woman 432 hz mp3 selects the best frequencies for your comfort and development of chamame woman, sacred feminine. The experience assures you of a letting go and relaxation for a Chamame woman, a sacred feminine of quality. We work with the best composers and creators to guarantee you a moment of deep and peaceful relaxation on all our titles of chama woman, sacred feminine: connection with your sacred feminine, etc.

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Our team is enriched by your experiences, advanced knowledge of your development and our music (Relaxation, mp3, 432hz, shaman woman). To optimize these exchanges which benefit all in Woman Shaman 432 hz mp3 , we plan to launch with you a forum specializing in chamame woman, sacred feminine in order to concentrate the best processes and to extract synthetic articles from them within a blog. We could thus all quickly benefit from online support from experts in Chamame women, the sacred feminine. This blog as a chamame woman, a sacred feminine will evolve as and when the experience gathered.


Our store offers a wide selection of the best music: Connection with your sacred feminine. Thus your Chamame woman, sacred feminine relaxation will be better realized and more durable. 3OAKSMUSIC poses as a true expert in Woman Shaman 432 hz mp3 and accompanies you throughout your meditation to increase your frequencies and vibrations. You are invited to contact our customer service for any question relating to your Femme Shamane 432 hz mp3 project.


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